Chillout through craft: create your own cosmetics

The Why

Why crafting helps you chill out? Well, because for a short while it makes the world stop spinning around. At least in your mind 🙂 . It helps you ESCape your day-to-day thoughts and focus on the now, while doing something fun.
Why it matters so much? Well because, believe it or not, taking a break helps you power up. It helps you recharge and it de-clusters your mind.

The How

Ok, now, let’s see how do we do that. It’s easier than you think. Today we’ll focus on one of our cool workshops – Creating your own natural Cosmetics.
Whether you are really into natural cosmetics and want to learn more or simply want to relax with a cool DIY project this workshop is one of the most insightful experiences to try in Cluj.
Not only you get to make your own cosmetics, but you’ll be a part of an interactive, fun and chill experience.
It’s about self-care – in and out.

About the experience provider
The workshop is prepared with love by Andreea from Zahra – a local crafter of natural cosmetics in Cluj.
Zahra’s products are specially designed to make you feel good and bring you closer to nature. They believe in simplicity, quality and authenticity.
Why this ESCape will freakin’ rock: ’cause it’s really cool to chill while learning how to prepare your own natural care kit.

The No Excuses part

And just in case your brain already started making excuses, here’s a few more reasons to try it out:

  • I’m too busy > Being busy it’s a way of life nowadays. But I bet taking 2 hours of your life to power up is not so hard, if you really want it.
  • I’m clumsy > Don’t worry, there will be someone to guide you step by step. You’ll learn all the basics and how to create the products that suit you.
  • I’m not sure how to do this> Chill, we’ve got it all ready for you. You can easily buy and book your seat online.

So, are you ready to take care of yourself – in and out?

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