Explore Cluj – how to drink like a local

Cluj is known for its people, its cool vibes and hospitality. We’re pretty open to new people and always willing to share our food, our drinks, our passion. So here’s some tips & tricks on how to really feel Cluj’s flavors and enjoy a yumsy day in the city, drinking like a local.

Start with amazing coffee

Or maybe go all in with a coffee tasting at a cool, authentic place in town.

Starting your day with awesome coffee it’s a must in Cluj. I mean, with specialty coffee shops popping up everywhere downtown, you just can’t miss the chance of sipping great coffee. In the recent years the coffee culture has bloomed in Cluj and the community of coffee lovers, roasters and makers is growing as we speak.

So how about you enjoy your morning joy at a cosy, cool and intimate coffee shop? Go to Let’s Coffee to have a taste of the local vibes – besides the good coffee you can blend in and get to know the people of Cluj. Or go deeper and get a coffee tasting so you can really get pumped up for the day while learning directly from an experienced barista the do’s and dont’s of awesome coffee.


Noon – Beer O’clock

So it’s summer, it’s hot and the city is buzzing. It used to be a time when in the summer Cluj would be quiet(er), but lately it’s kind of busy all the time. That’s part of who the city is now. Always on. And that’s cool because you can never stop exploring. Except for a drink that cools you down a bit & gives you time to soak in all the local feeling. Yeah, I’m talking about craft beer.

The craft beer scene in Romania is still in development mode but in the last few years we have seen a lot of local breweries and micro breweries pop up, the events dedicated to this awesome drink have risen and it’s really starting to be on the hype. If you want to know more about the topics check Beerologique’s website, they have it all written down – who does what, when it comes to craft beer in Romania.

So, there are a few places where you can taste it but we recommend you try Planetarium – it’s newly opened and managed by by Bere a La Cluj – one of the Romanian Craft Brewers in town.

After you’ve enjoyed your beer it might be time for a walk. If you want a view from above we suggest you head up to Cetățuie – after a 15 min walk you get to chill with an amazing view of the city.


End your evening in style at VISUIN, the coolest place in town when it comes to drinks.

These guys have not only won cocktails competitions but they are also really friendly and ready to dive you into the world of flavors. Because authenticity is key for them, the place is cozy, intimate and vibrant. You can book a yumsy experience here – choose from, gin or rum….

Discover the world of barrel aged drinks with a whiskey tasting or go beyond the pirate tales and mojito basics with this entertaining experience that will really blow your tasting buds right out.

Or just go directly and pick what’s on the menu. They’ll take good care of you, for sure.


Check local events

There’s always something going on in Cluj all year round, but summer is especially filled with lots of great events. Of course you’ve most likely heard of the two famous festivals taking place here during the summer – Electric Castle and Untold, but if you’re looking for something a bit more chill there are also smaller events where you can really feel the local vibe.

Visit Strada Potaissa

Flower market, local products, good music and city vibes, all on one street this weekend – 14-16 June, free pass.

Chill at the Jazz Festival

Already a tradition, it’s one of the beloved events of the city. Its heart is in the central park but there are a lot of concerts and activities all across town, between 4-7 July, free pass.

Or Enjoy Romanian Brunches

The Brunch Hype has hit the city since last year. There are always happening in the city and near it. Check Clubul Gastronomic Transilvanean – they promote local ingredients, people & places. Go to their events and taste Cluj, Transylvania and Romania on a plate.

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