Gift ideas for her that she will really enjoy

We know, when you hear “gifts” your head starts spinning and you feel the panic creeping in. That’s why you postpone the moment as much as possible. And last minute, when the traffic (in the city and at the mall) hits its peak, you go out to “hunt” (gifts). You try to remember what she told you she would like, but in your memories seem really foggy.

Chill, we have some ideas on how to avoid this moment. And hot to get her something she’ll really enjoy.

We have prepared some gift packages produced by local artisans, which you can order super easy, online. Cool, isn’t it? Let’s see some ideas:

Personal gifts

Perfumes and cosmetics are usually a good gift idea for her. But when they are natural, locally produced, they have a special charm. They are personal, they tell a story about each one. About the creator and the wearer. We have prepared two super cool sets – a limited edition artisanal perfume and a set of natural cosmetics.

Scentual – the limited edition artisanal perfume – is ideal for the feminine but dominant style, who appreciates local products, passionately crafted.

Natural Cosmetic Gift Set – by Zahra – moisturizing body butter, lip balm and natural soap – choose the one you want or all three in an awesome gift pack.

Tasty gifts

Literally. If she is a fan of specialty coffee or craft beer, we have two super cool packages. (yes, girls also drink beer. Good Beer: P).

Coffee Gift Set – a cool cappuccino cup and freshly roasted coffee here in Cluj.

Craft Beer Gift Set – perfect for those who want to explore the world of craft beer & support the local brewing community

Creative gifts

If she likes to make her own decorations or relax by painting, we have a good idea. How do you know? Well if youțve seen one of these at her place – watercolors, glues and glitter or crochet pins –  you’ll know this is the gift for her.

We have two cool do-it-yourself project ideas – String Art or Number Painting. Yes, they come with everything you need and are created manually by amasing people from here in the city. She will definitely like it – it’s not only unique, but it’s an experience in itself – it will be crafted by herself.

Ah, let’s not forget – each set is accompanied by a Gift Voucher for a cool ESCape that can be used to purchase any experience on our site. Do you know how she always tells you she wants experiences? – well, now you have found the ideal gift – something to experience and unpack under the tree.

What say you?

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