Gift ideas for him that he’ll actually like

Good gifts for men are hard to find. And not just because most of them are hard to please 😛 After you’ve exhausted the classics – like the watch, the latest gadget, the new game or the forever sweater – your brain (and usually your budget) is struggling to find new & exciting gifts. And with all that Christmas fuss coming up, you’re just getting stressed out.
Like always, we’ve got your back. We’ve got a few gift ideas for him that are not just cool, but they’re super easy to get. Also, most of them are crafted locally, right here in Cluj, by passionate & talented entrepreneurs. Let’s dig in 😀

Craft Beer Lovers Gift Pack
This gift pack is designed for all craft beer geeks out there. Besides the locally crafted beers – right here in Cluj, you’ve also got an amazing glass – the Rastal Teku Glass – specially designed by a craft beer expert to enhance the flavor of your favorite brew. To make it a full experience, we’ve also added a Beer Tasting Sheet – that will help you really understand what’s in your glass and how to make the most out of your beer. Cool, right? 😀

Set Cadou Bere


Outdoorsy Gift Pack
If he’s the outdoorsy – nature- lover, this might be the gift for him: a cool stainless steel thermos and a string backpack. It’s easy, cool and you can take it anywhere with you – to a picnic, in the park, on a hike, wherever you like.

Set Cadou Drumetii

Coffee Lovers Gift Pack
We all have that friend who’s kid of obsessed about that perfect blend 😀 Well, this might be the perfect choice for him – a ceramic black cappuccino cup – designed for specialty coffee, handmade right here in Cluj and a freshly roasted coffee bag. We promise, he’s wake up really excited 😛

Cadou Cafea


Astronomy Gift Pack
If he’s passionate about exploring the sky, the astronomy gift pack might just be the one. We know, there`s an app for that. But if he’s the vintage kind of guy, who prefers exploring & doing vs the latest tech, this is perfect: a planisphere to identify the stars constellation, a green laser to explore the night sky, a DIY lunette KIT. If he likes spending his weekends hiking in the mountains, he’ll love this!

set cadou astronomie

And of course, each gift pack is completed by a cool ESC voucher that can be used for any experience on our awesome website.
What do you think will make him tick when he opens his gift under the Christmas tree?
Have any other ideas? Let us know in the comments 😀

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