Gift ideas for Women’s Day

Feeling already exhausted with all this gift hunting? – I mean, you’ve just escaped Christmas, V-day and now there’s Women’s Day 🙂

Don’t worry, we’re here to help – not only you’ll surprise your loved one, but it’s actually really easy to get it online. Let’s see exactly what we’re talking about:


Time out for two, while trying something new

You know how she’s always saying you should do more things together? How about a double gift – a cool #ESCape and time with you – isn’t that the best gift ever? Let’s see a few ideas of what you can do:

Chocolate Tasting – this is a really yumsy one – who doesn’t just love chocolate? You get to discover the magical world of chocolate – by taking a tour of a chic craft chocolate studio, tasting 6 different types of handmade pralines and find out the story behind each product. Cool, right?

Discover Cluj – Treasure Hunt – What better way to explore Cluj than by plying a real-life adventure game through the city? You’ll get to solve satisfying, story-driven puzzles, while exploring the beauty of Cluj. If you’re into games, mistery and exploring – this is a must do.

Espresso & Latte Art Workshop – Learn how to rock your latte from an experienced & passionate barista. Let`s admit it, a day without this yumsy drink is not fun. So what about learning how to prepare it on your own just in case you won’t make it to your favorite coffee place in town?

From her Wish List – personalized experiences

Most people have a long wish list of things they want to do but always find excuses not to. So maybe this is the perfect time to give them a “push”. Let’s see what exactly do we mean:

Self-Makeup WorkshopA highly personalized makeup workshop where she’ll learn the basics of makeup from an experienced makeup artist, by mastering the tips, tricks and techniques to create different looks that reveal one’s unique beauty. If she’s into makeup, she will be thrilled about this one 😀

Closet Spin-offDo clothes fall of her closet yet she feels like she’s got nothing to wear? Don’t worry, we can spin it off with this really cool experience. A fashion consultant will help her give new life to the old clothes and get rid of the eternal cliché “I have nothing to wear.” “The Closet Operation,” as we like to call it is about finding a style that defines each person – see all the details here.

Personalized Nutrition Plan OnlineEating healthy is complicated, especially these days when you find biased information on any given subject. But above all, do you know what options really suits you? This experience will happen online so there are no more excuses to start eating healthy and getting professional advice for it.

Gifts for the Crafty Lover

If your loved one is a creative spirit we’ve got a few ideas on how to surprise her with a unique experience gift:

Create your own natural cosmetics – this is the place to learn to create a self-care kit with natural cosmetics, from a local producer. It’s an awesome experience where you get to chill-out through craft.

Drawing Workshop – the basics – it’s not about talent, it’s about self-discovery and learning to relax by drawing. This is a workshop for beginners who wish to learn how to draw. For Activity game nights 😀 or just for her well being :D.

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