Gift ideas for your BFF that you can enjoy together

So, your best friend’s birthday is coming up and you still haven’t got a clue what gift to buy? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

How about something you can experience together? Besides an awesome gift, you also get to spend quality time with your bestie.

You know, these days it feels like time is shrinking. Do you find yourself planning for time together but often have to postpone it? Or when you somehow manage to fit it into your calendar and it kind of becomes one more thing to do between work and groceries shopping.

So, giving your friend some time to escape the daily routine while having fun with you might just be the perfect gift. Let’s see a few ideas on how to do that:


Chillout and Get Crafty

Doing a craft project with your BFF is just perfect for your time out. Don’t panic, it’s not about talent or skills, it’s about relaxing while doing something fun. Like for example you can learn how to create your own perfume, start drawing or just paint and play around with colors. Again, it’s not about what you know or your skills, it’s about escaping your reality and diving into new worlds, letting your creative juices run freely. It’s just amazing how even one hour of doing crafty stuff can unwind your mind and help you relax – see more about how to chillout through craft here.


Go out and Feel the Outdoorsy Vibe

It’s summer, it’s hot and you feel like exploring so why not enjoy some time out? Get yourselves an outdoorsy escape! Get your adrenaline shot and see the world from up above with a paragliding flight or mix hiking with rock climbing and experience VIA Ferrata in Cheile Turzii.


Enjoy a good talk over Yumsy Drinks

Or maybe you feel like it’s been a while since you got a good talk just between girls? Well, you know that goes really well over tasty drinks. Not just any drinks. Spice up your night out with a cool cocktails tasting, enjoying yumsy drinks and learning mixology tips and tricks. Or start your day with an awesome coffee tasting. For sure it will boost your mood and down to new memory lane.


How? Really Easy

Now that you have few ideas on what can you do, let’s see how. Don’t panic, you can get it all online. No need for calling & offer requesting. We’ve got it all covered. Just click on what makes you tick and book your seats.

This is what ESC is about – connecting you with local experiences so you have no more excuses on enjoying time out with your favorite people.

We’re pretty sure that this is a gift your BFF will remember forever. Besides giving her a cool way to escape, you’ll be there to share the moment. And what’s better than moments with friends? And of course a great story to tell, years from now…

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