How I #ESCaped the Room and I liked it

I’ve heard a few years ago about the concept of Room Escapes and it always seemed like a fun thing to do. It has been on my wish list for a while. And there it stayed. You know how you say “oh, this is fun, I’ll go do it sometime”? But then sometime becomes never. Because there’s life going on and other most pressing business to attend to, like your job, your food or the new show on Netflix. I know, I did the same.

Until last year, when I approached them to see if it’s a good way to ESCape. I know, the name says it is but before I recommend it to you I had to try it too 😊
So, between emails, meeting and the legal stuff I’ve finally found an hour, synchronized it with my friend’s hour and decided to do it.

I was not in a good game mood, maybe because it was in the middle of the day, maybe because it seemed something I “had to” do or maybe because I am a bit claustrophobic and was a bit paranoid of staying in a cellar for an hour.

With all this in mind we stepped into Parapark’s ‘office’ where Elod, friendly as always, explained us how it all works. After 5 minutes under ground my heart already started racing. All I could think about was how to escape faster 😊) And we were not even in the room yet. But Elod explained that there’s a panic button and also we had walkie talkies so if things got out of hand we could go out anytime we want.

So, I said, wtf, let’s do this. Or try at least. As soon as we went in though, my fear magically disappeared. I guess my mind was busy with the challenge of putting the clues together. I was absorbed by the story and the game completely. We were a team of 2 so we did not assign roles, we kind of did all the “detective work” together which was awesome. The first ones were pretty easy to decipher but then, somehow, we went a bit off 😊) It might be our wild imagination, I don’t know, but we started seeing clues that had nothing to do with the game and completely ignored the stuff that was right in our face.

I didn’t think a room escape experience could provide me insight about myself but it did help me improve how I approach ‘problem-solving’, especially in a time-based situation. I believe this goes beyond fun, it’s a really great team exercise – I’m really curious how it’s like in a bigger team so next time I’m definitely going in with more friends. I think it would be real fun to see how crazy things get with more people involved, ‘cause let’s face it – the ‘team’ concept is the basis of how things get done now but not too many people know how to actually work in one successfully and actually like it.

Ok, back to the game 😊 I’m not going into details about the game itself because I don’t want to give you spoilers. But I am going to tell you how we solved it and why we liked it. So, after going a bit off track, Elod checked with us on our walkie talkies and gave us a hint that brought us back on the right track and then the adrenaline rush of solving clues really kicked in. We managed to solve all the puzzles in time and escaped the room. We were really high with self-accomplishment – you know, that feeling when you get something done and you’re really proud of yourself.

So, all in all, it was awesome. I didn’t think I would like it so much. I went in with all that not so good mood, ‘drowned’ in my busy life and I got out refreshed, energized and ready to rock my afternoon. I totally recommend you to try it, be it just for fun, for cool memories with friends or maybe dig in a little deeper and see how your team takes the challenge.

I’ve already booked my next #ESCape because this way I know I’m actually going to do it. Or else, sometimes becomes never, again.
Go, enjoy and tell us how it rocked your day 😊

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