How to ESCape in Cluj this May

One thing’s for sure – you can never get bored in Cluj. There’s always something going on, from events to festivals to concerts, to new places opening.

So now that it’s finally a lil’ bit warmer outside and you feel more inclined to get out of bed and do more fun stuff. It’s still not time for a longer vacation but that does not mean that you can’t #LiveOutLoud. There’s still plenty of cool ways to ESCape right here in Cluj. So let’s dig in 😀

Week 6-12 May

Start this spring with a not so common Craft Beer Tasting – if you’ve got the craft beer bug and you’re thirsty for more this is definitely for you. Taste 6 different uncommon craft beer styles and learn all about them.

As for Saturday night how about you change the scenario a bit? Instead of your Netflix stream or the usual pub crawling maybe try spending the night outdoors. To watch the stars. It’s an amasing experience. You get to learn while enjoying the outdoors in a really chill way.

Now that you’re energized after your night out how about some cooking? I know, it’s Sunday but that’s the thing. Joining this cooking class with a known masterchef will help you disconnect while learning how to have fun in the kitchen. And the effect is long term, trust us 😊

If you’re in the mood for a bit more chill Sunday how about some dancing? Again, don’t panic, no experience needed. You’ll learn how to dance your stress away with this awesome experience.

Week 13 – 19 May

Girls night out? Spice it up a bit with a cool workshop – like painting your own T-shirt. No, you don’t have to be talented or know how to do it. You’ll have an artist to guide you. Just have to chillout and play around with colors. It will be super fun and at the end of the night you go home with your personalized T-shirt.

Or end the week in a really chill & cool way by creating your own natural cosmetics. It’s really insightful & fun. You get to learn all about the ‘essential oils’ madness, what’s true and what not and create your own skin care kit – with 3 awesome products – Purifier Cleanser, Revitalizing Toner and Moisturizing Serum.

Week 20 – 26 May

How cool is it that on your night out instead of just drinks you mix it up with fun spices? Like crafting your own perfume. Fresh, floral, oriental or gourmet – whatever your choice, an artisan will guide you during the process of creating your own personalized scent.

Or maybe kick up your motivation and try some personalized workshops like makeup, nutrition or closet revolution. You will definitely remember this ones.

Week 27 may – 2 June

Now that Children’s day is almost here why don’t you celebrate it your way? Feel like a kid again and play with colors. Just let your creative spirit go wild, relax and have fun.

Or maybe you’re in the mood for a more crafty activity. Create your own Wool accessories – in a fun and chill workshop. Earrings, necklaces or a funky broche, it’s totally your choice.

Just do more of what makes you tick. If you’re in the mood for more check our other cool escapes we’ve prepared for you: feel like spending time out? Check our Outdoorsy Adventures. Or maybe check your wish list and go Above & Beyond to finally do what you’ve been planning for a while. And of course, the Yumsy Stuff is always welcomed.

Just #LiveOutLoud Escapers. This is what life is about.

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