Why hit ESC and #LiveOutLoud?

This is a story of and for BUSY PEOPLE THIRSTY FOR MORE.
eat(?) – work – sleep. REPEAT.
You’re always busy. Too busy to do the stuff that you actually like. Sounds familiar? Yeah, we know.

So we thought – hey, why don’t we build a space where you can easily connect with exciting local experiences? A space where you can just browse through and pick what really thrills you. There’s so many cool stuff out there to do do created by amazing people.

Why experiences though? (Believe me, it would have been much easier for us to just sell random stuff).
We’re not saying things don’t make you happy. Because they do. For a moment.
But in the end you’ll remember what you did, how you felt, the experiences you had.

This is why we’ve set out to create a space so you can easily find your way to ESCape. Because this is what thrills you. What makes you feel alive. This is the story you get to tell.

What are you going to say next time someone asks:
“So, what have you been doing lately?”
‘Oh, I’ve bought a high tech toothbrush, it’s so cool!”
‘”I’ve finally decided to do something from my wish list. So I went flying/hiking/painting/cooking and it freakin’ rocked!”

This is why we created ESC.rocks: to connect you with the most amazing local experiences. To give you a choice of feeling the thrill. To really explore life and do more of what makes you tick.

Now you have NO EXCUSES to actually Live Out Loud.
We’ve made it freakishly easy.
You just have to decide what to try first.