Rock out your wish list

Know how you’ve been planning for a long time to eat healthy, learn a new language or a new skill? Well, learning doesn’t have to be boring. Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do. Like ever.
We’ve picked up really practical, fun, interactive and highly personalized  experiences. You go and rock them on!


Closet Spin-Off: your style, redefined

  • Personalized style consultancy session;
  • Closet Cleaning: we analyze what you have in the closet, what suits you and why;
  • Tips & tricks about how to mix them into cool outfits that really suit you.

Discover Cluj – Treasure Hunt in town

  • Two hours of a fun and mysterious adventure through Cluj
  • Ingenious puzzles that will thrill your brain
  • Beautiful places to explore throughout Cluj

Get Your Personalized Nutrition Plan – Online

  • Nutrition evaluation (dedicated survey)
  • Personalized 4 week nutrition & meal plan
  • 2 online sessions with your personal nutritionist (50 min / session)
  • weekly monitoring & feedback (1/week)

Gift Card

  • Awesome Experience Gift
  • Add your personal touch
  • Let them choose how to #esc

Go Shopping with a Nutritionist

  • Groceries shopping session with a nutritionist
  • Personalized Nutrition tips & tricks - myth busting
  • Healthy eating information

Have fun escaping the room

  • 1 hour of fun with friends
  • Challenging and puzzle-solving activities
  • Team play awesome activity

Practice your German Speaking Skills

  • Refresh and improve your knowledge base according to your current level;
  • Deepen vocabulary elements through free conversation;
  • 5 or 10 sessions of practicing your skills

Self Makeup Workshop

  • Cool hands on self makeup workshop
  • Amazing Insider Makeup tips & tricks
  •  1 or 2 types of makeup totally personalized for you

SELLING THE TRUE ME – how to sell while being yourself

  • Full immersive workshop to define a sales process according to your own values
  • Tips and hands on solutions to implement the defined procedure long term
  • Includes lunch, coffee, fruits and lemonade 😊

Shop Your Style with your personal consultant

  • Customized style consultancy session;
  • Personalized shopping, 2-4 hours with your shopping stylist;
  • Choosing the right clothes, tips and tricks on how to enjoy your new outfits.