What do you do after you hit ESC?


Most of us -humans – love routine. Even if we’re always saying we want to do new stuff and complain about it, the truth is we love it. It’s easy and it’s safe. We wake up, have some breakfast and of course the all mighty coffee and then off to work. And when that’s over we mostly drift off to our comfy couch and getaway with a movie or a game. We tell ourselves that it’s fine, we’ll have that week off in summer when we go on vacation and we’ll disconnect then. And there’s plenty of time to do what you actually love. And that’s true. I love vacations, it’s a really great way to getaway but hey, so it’s the rest of the year. I know, you can’t get that much time off but you don’t need to.

Before I tell you how, let me tell you a bit about why. Why is it so important of finding your way to ESCape?

After a while of rolling in that bubble of yours you get a feeling. Of missing out. Of something that’s missing. Maybe you don’t recognize it at first but you start to always feel tired, anxious, you can’t concentrate as well and even the tasks you used to love seem like something you ‘have to do’. And you check your social media news feed again – it’s full of people living the life, of cool events and lots of other people trying to sell you stuff that’ll make you happier. Then you crawl back to your desk and somehow keep going. Stop for a bit. And think about this: when you do something that makes you tick, it instantly feels you with joy. It’s like you re-charge your battery and boost your mood. It just brings out the best in you.

That’s why I believe doing what you love matters so much. I know, you’re starting to generate the list of excuses in your mind right now. You’re busy, you’re tired, life’s hard, you don’t have time for that. But actually this gives you the energy to de-clutter everything else. Just think about the feeling after you’ve spent a weekend outdoor. Feeling like taking over the world? Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.

 So, how can you add some #LivingOutLoud to your ESCape, without going on a sabbatical?

Well, baby steps is the answer. You don’t have to change your whole life or routine ‘cause your mind will go crazy about that and it won’t last. But you can add some spice to your days with activities that make you tick. Here’s some ideas:

Get Creative – it’s already proven and there’s tons of books and research about how creative activities boost your mood. Also, they open up new perspectives and add a bit of flavor in how you see the world. You can start with an easy DIY project. Not only it gets your creative juices flowing but you’ll also get the feeling of accomplishment. It’s something made by you. Just google it, you’ll find lots of ideas of what you can do. Or maybe go to a workshop. It will totally worth your time.

Go Out – you already know the benefits of spending time outdoor. Just take a walk instead of your Uber drive for starters. Then maybe go on a hike. Or if your really want some adrenaline rush there’s plenty of options around. From flying to rowing to climbing. Or just chillout and watch the stars. It’s just like magic how your mood will turn around.

Enjoy goodies – if you’re not such a big fan of spending time out for sure you can’t dismiss this option. I mean, who doesn’t just love food & drinks? So yeah, diving into the world of flavors can really make a great ESCape. Just taste it.

Try new stuff – know that excitement of trying something you’ve never done before? Just thinking about it makes you feel awesome. You can start by doing something different every day. No, you don’t have to quit your job (unless it really sucks) but you can start small. Like taking a new route to work and really soak it in. Just take a look at the world around you. Or maybe wear socks that don’t match. It doesn’t matter what it is but it’ll make you feel different. Then maybe you can try new activities. Like learning a new language, trying a new game, level up your skills, take an impro class or just taste food you never had before.

Just pick the one that feels like you and do it. Life’s short. It’s worth it to live it as loud as you can.

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